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Collaborative, community-driven, and commited to lasting health equity

collaborative, community-driven, and commited to lasting health equity
shaping a healthier future

Focus Areas

Access to Healthcare

Access to Healthcare

Ensuring equitable access to healthcare services for all residents, including underserved and marginalized communities, through advocacy, support, and resource allocation.

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Access to Healthcare

Health Equity

Promoting health equity by addressing social determinants of health, reducing disparities, and advocating for policies and programs that prioritize the needs of vulnerable populations.

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Access to Healthcare

Cultural Competence

Supporting culturally competent healthcare delivery by fostering understanding, respect, and sensitivity to the diverse cultural backgrounds and traditions of New Mexico's communities.

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Access to Healthcare

Community Engagement

Engaging communities in collaborative efforts to improve health outcomes, supporting residents, and build capacity for local initiatives that address health disparities and promote holistic well-being.

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Building bridges to better health.

We respect and respond to the values and experiences of all peoples and communities in New Mexico. Con Alma will make grants that promote systemic change and will be outcome oriented. Grants made by Con Alma may complement, but will not replace federal, tribal, state, city, town or county government health programs.

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Compassion in action.

We focus on the needs of the uninsured and the medically under-resourced.

We work to reduce health disparities by promoting greater access to health care and improved quality of health for all New Mexicans with a special emphasis on people of color and rural and tribal communities - in order to protect the rights of all New Mexicans.

Our Values

Our work is rooted in our values and is
the heart and soul of what we do.


We support access to health.

Our efforts improve the health status of everyone in New Mexico by making health resources more accessible to the state’s under-resourced communities.


We work with integrity.

Through vetted partnerships and transparent initiatives, our efforts of promoting health equity are deeply rooted in integrity.


We help our communities.

Intentional partnerships with statewide, local and tribal organizations allows us to build a brighter and healthier future for even the most under-resourced communities of New Mexico.


We support movements.

Our passion drives our partnership with nonprofits engaged in vital community work for a tangible impact.


We speak up.

Our work shines a light on inadequacies within current health policies and systems, and pushes for development and implementation of improved policies.


We listen.

Our investment in nonprofits provides opportunities for community leaders to learn about the growing needs in New Mexico.

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