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April 29, 2024

Linda Candelaria-Dodd

Linda, raised in the rural community of Los Brazos, has gained valuable insight living and working within a tapestry of small communities spanning New Mexico and Arizona. Her experience includes living on the Navajo Nation in northwestern New Mexico and the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Cibecue, Arizona.

At the heart of Linda’s commitment lies a profound focus on fostering robust connections and implementing impactful strategies to address health inequities. Having grown up in rural Northern New Mexico, she intimately understands the health disparities that challenge these communities, often impeding the pursuit of healthy and prosperous lives. As the Executive Director, Linda passionately advocates for and champions the most vulnerable populations in the state.

Linda firmly believes in a holistic approach to health that embraces the interconnected realms of mind, body, and spirit. Her moments of solace are found in the expansive landscapes of the Guadalupe Mountains, where she immerses herself in hiking to clear her mind, relishing the stillness of the crisp air, and encountering occasional small wildlife along the way. Her love for baking extends to sharing the goodness with family, friends, and neighbors. However, her greatest joy comes from witnessing the healthy successes of her three children.

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