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April 29, 2024

Amy Donafrio

Amy is a key part of Con Alma’s management team and is responsible for operations, budget oversight and project management. Before joining Con Alma in 2006, she gained experience in various fields, including social work for a long-term care facility, research at Binghamton University, and legal advocacy for a domestic violence organization. She stays healthy by eating NM grown vegetables and fruits, soaking in sunny days, and squeezing in moments of stillness and quiet in her busy life. She loves cooking, baking, and traveling with her family as well as watching her garden shift and grow through the beautiful seasons here. She enjoys working for an organization that values community-led solutions and the diverse cultures of New Mexico’s people. Amy likes hiking through our state’s varying landscapes, and has a special appreciation for the dry air, mountains and rivers. She holds a bachelor’s in psychology from Binghamton University and a master’s in Accounting from the University of New Mexico.

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