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2013 Small

Nov 1, 2013

Congratulations to the recipients of 2013 Small Grants:

(click the link in the grantee’s name to see their website!)

Appleseed of New Mexico $10,000 to support the Native American Community Engagement Program that expands Navajo children’s access to healthy food, nutrition education, job opportunities and academic education.

Chainbreaker Collective $10,000 to launch Nuestra Santa Fe, a program that addresses issues in built environment, such as lacking affordable transportation, that make it difficult for people who live in poverty to lead healthy lives.

Dar a Luz Birth and Health Center $10,000 to research, recommend and advocate for a way to create a regulatory system for midwifery care in New Mexico and remove barriers for Medicaid reimbursement.

KRWG (NM State University Foundation) $12,000 to produce “La Frontera – A changing America: Latina Behavioral Health in New Mexico,” a television broadcast series to educate and support Latinos with substance abuse or mental health conditions.

Native American Community Foundation $12,000 to pilot a program that gives teachers tools to better understand and support students, which can improve their education and contribute to their long-term health and wellness.

New Mexico Community AIDS Partnership $10,000 to provide training and support that increases the capability of health-care providers in southeastern New Mexico to provide culturally competent and excellent care to LGBQ patients.

New Mexico Direct Caregivers’ Coalition $11,000 to develop online educational courses for caregivers and a program that matches caregivers with employers and people needing care statewide.

New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association $10,000 to develop a plan that results in more people using their WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program benefits and SNAP (food stamps), to buy fresh produce at farmer’s markets.

New Mexico Health Resources $10,000 to implement a public-private collaboration that provides technical assistance and education in Grants on how to recruit and retain primary-care health professionals.

Senior Citizens’ Law Office $10,000 to conduct an educational campaign for legal services providers, benefits counselors and clients in central New Mexico to help them know about a law that protects Social Security Insurance benefits.

Sierra Health Council $10,000 to improve health and wellness though educational events, helping people enroll in health insurance, and developing a transportation system that improves access to health-care services.

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